Medicinal plants have always been a great healing remedy for mankind throughout history, but humans are not the only creatures to appreciate their properties: our bees love our plants too, and we love their delicious, sweet, aromatic honey as a result.
We only grow organic crops because not only do we want to offer our guests the best possible products, but also because we care deeply for nature and we respect its beauty.
As a small farm, we take pride in our focus on quality over quantity.

ComeBack organic farm

Our products are truly organic: we work the land by hand, and we trust nature to take its course by only intervening when necessary in order to get the best products possible through environmentally friendly growing methods. Learning from the discovery of nature is a constant source of delight, from the moment we wake up and see the dawn and flowers from out the window, throughout the day when we welcome our guests and share this beauty with them.
At our farm, all products are certified by the local organic food regulating agency (Bio Distretto dell'Agricoltura Sociale di Bergamo).

We grow chamomile, calendula, lavender and many other medicinal herbs.
We grow our vegetables, fruit trees, soft fruits, free range chickens and our precious bees play a key role in pollination and maintaining biodiversity.
At our shop, you can find a variety of home-made in house products, such as herbal tea, honey, jam, and lavender based products.
Throughout the year, you also have the opportunity to join us in our daily activities, such as
lavender and chamomile picking, and much more.

ComeBack organic farm